jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Dominique De Beir, Miguel Angel Molina et Edouard Prulhiere à la galerie Ventana

Real Estate
Curated by Peter Soriano and Philippe Richard
January 24 to February 28, 2014

First Opening Reception, January 24, from 6-8 PM
Closing Reception, February 28, from 6-8 PM

Ventana244: is pleased to present Real Estate, a dynamic group exhibition co-curated by the artists Peter Soriano and Philippe Richard. Exploring the tension between artists and real-estate developers, Real Estate offers an astute comment on the ways in which creativity is affected by economic pressures. The exhibition will be in constant flux, with artists onsite for the duration, jostling for space and striving to work collectively as they install their work in tight quarters.

In Phase One of the installation, the space will take shape with Peter Soriano and Philippe Richard assuming the role of property developer; Eve Bailey as architect; Ward Shelley as general contractor; and Alisdair Duncan as branding specialist. Once the structure is complete, Phase Two begins on January 24th, marked by an "Open House" opening, with a new group of artists who, as tenants or sub-tenants, will renovate, expand, demolish, and subdivide the space. All the while, the artist Daniela Kostova, representing a displaced tenant, will stage an independent, parallel exhibition outside the gallery.

Loosely inspired by Merzbau, Kurt Schwitter's ever-shifting architectural construction in Hannover, Germany, Real Estate is an installation that, for better or worse, is intended to expand and contract unpredictably.

The artists included in Real Estate are: Peter Soriano, Philippe Richard, Alisdair Duncan, Ward Shelley, Edouard Prulhiere, Sylvie Ruaulx, Bruce Pearson, Tamas Veszi, Olivier Soulerin, Raphaele Shirley, Eve Bailey, Jay Shinn, Kate Shepherd, Michael Scott, Daniela Kostova, Joro-Boro, Milena Deleva, Mario Mohan, Vlada Tomova, Georgi + Nina Tushev (Tushevs Aerials), Meglena Zapreva, Meglena Zapreva, Frederique Lucien, Agnes Barley, Dominique De Beir, Miguel Angel Molina, Pierre Mabille, Michelle Antoine, Kevin Walsh, Jenny Polak, Matt Bua, Peter Dudek, Irina Arnaut, Laurel Sparks, Chris Moss.

244 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211